History of the Veil

Elie Saab

Wedding traditions have come a long way when it comes to some of the things that were set in stone. Before many of the large bridal shops took over, small shops were usually the go to place to get your dress, and they still are. However, there is always going to be a tradition for everyone on their wedding day. Your tradition could be going to the same shop as every woman in your family or it could be the choice to follow another tradition. The tradition of having the veil over the head for weddings has been around for centuries. Not many people know why the veil is important and why it is still a symbol today but with the help of Wedding Ideas, we think we can help you understand.

The veil became a custom the Ancient Greece initially. The purpose of the veil at that point in time was to protect the bride from evil spirits along with many other traditions that were deemed to do the same thing. This traditional version of the veil lasted until Medieval times. During the Medieval era it became a symbol of the woman’s purity. This would prove to the husband that the bride was indeed a chaste woman and he would be her first as that was the important aspect of the marriage during that time frame.

As time went on however, the veil remained popular but the traditional reasoning behind the veil seemed to have faded. With the fashion of the roaring twenties smaller headpieces were worn with the dresses that covered half of the face of the bride who wore it. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the veils started to form more into what we consider to be veils in today’s wedding standards.

Each decade brought its own twist onto the veil such as bird cage veils in the 40s and the more flowing veils from the 60s and 70s. The changes in veil designs can correlate also to the style of dresses worn. These accessories are truly a thing of their own. Especially when it came to more recent eras. Come the 1980s bigger was better with many things. The hair, the bell bottoms and the colors were definitely something to look at. The feeling of the day was encapsulated by one of the most well-known veils to date in the modern world.

The veil of Princess Diana has long been the veil to beat with the future of veils. The veil was 24 feet long during the time and stretched down St. Paul’s Cathedral. No veil has been able to beat the recognition that Princess Diana’s veil had when it comes to bring the veil back into fashion. Even Kate Middleton brought the veil into light recently and is the next icon for the veil in modern times.

Many brides consider the veil to be old fashioned and out dated. However, when you consider the true nature of the veil, to obscure the face it provides an air of mystery while walking down the aisle. Though you may love your dress you may feel as though something is missing and maybe, it is a veil.