History of the White Wedding Gown

Wtoo Watters and Watters

The typical wedding gown for a Boston Bride has been white for many years. The significance of the white dress has come to symbolize the perfect bridal gown and a sense of purity. The main reason for a white dress used to mean that the bride was pure on her wedding day. That was not always the case when it comes to the white and ivory wedding gowns that many individuals dream of when they picture their perfect wedding day. The dresses that have come to be popular for their color was only kept for the wealthy.

When white wedding dresses became popular it was for the wealthy. White is a difficult color to keep clean. According to BBC this meant that in the early days of the 18th and 19th century the white dresses were difficult to clean. The use of a washboard was the main way to get anything out of clothing so keeping the dress clean was nearly impossible. This meant that the dress could only be worn once lending to the fact that the wealthy could afford clothing that could be worn once and the poor could not. The white dress was popularized by Queen Victoria actually in 1840. Before that many individuals would be wearing colors due to the affordability of the garments.

In the past years it was actually common for colors to be worn. Today wearing a colored wedding dress is a sign of radical moves to fit outside the norm when it comes to wedding tradition. It is important to remember that different cultures also have different aspects for what color is typically worn. China for example usually has the bride in red rather than in white. Throughout time it has usually become what you are able to wear ultimately. Many brides used to wear their best outfit rather than buying a dress for just one day.

The true test of finding the wedding gown today is the versatility of options. Many designers have actually created dresses in colors that have stunned many brides. While white is the traditional color that many go to for their wedding dress, there are many options that come from creating a wedding. As themed weddings and cross-cultural weddings mesh traditions with something new the wedding gowns have continually changed.

Many wedding dresses that are easily available from any bridal shop will be white. The way that the white gown has evolved for the tradition of Western Culture has not changed so much as to create a new color for every bride. Finding the right gown is a lot like testing the waters of your patience. It will take time and you will find the right gown, even if it is not a traditional wedding gown. You just need to allow yourself time to experience the gowns and dresses in whichever way you need to. White is not the only color for the bride, but it can be your color if you choose a traditional wedding for western culture.