Wedding Superstitions

Augusta Jones

Growing up we all know of the basic superstitions we all know. Step on a crack and you’ll break your mothers back, walking under a ladder is bad luck and black cats are lucky/unlucky depending on the culture. These superstitions came from old wives’ tales that stuck when we were children and can carry over […]

History of the Veil

Elie Saab

Wedding traditions have come a long way when it comes to some of the things that were set in stone. Before many of the large bridal shops took over, small shops were usually the go to place to get your dress, and they still are. However, there is always going to be a tradition for […]

History of the White Wedding Gown

Wtoo Watters and Watters

The typical wedding gown for a Boston Bride has been white for many years. The significance of the white dress has come to symbolize the perfect bridal gown and a sense of purity. The main reason for a white dress used to mean that the bride was pure on her wedding day. That was not […]